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Go Eco BakeChef

Cooking Stove

Using the same ultra-clean burn principles as our conventional stoves together with inverted convection technology, the Go Eco BakeChef combines the best of both cooking and traditional stoves in a powerful all-round package. No recipe is beyond your reach with the large oven in this stove, making this the perfect stove for both heating and entertaining.

Performance is future proofed thanks to state-of-the-art firebox combustion technology for clearSkies level 5, Ecodesign 2022 ready and DEFRA exempt heating as standard. Optional Flue Heatshield or Firebox Heatshield accessories allow you to customise your stove, with the Flue Heatshield accessory reducing the distance to combustibles to only 75mm at the rear.

Air wash technology ensures that both pieces of glass remain clear, guaranteeing you will get an uninterrupted view of the flames within. This stove is built from durable, hard-wearing materials such as Stainless Steel, and all Go Eco stoves come with a 3 year warranty for peace of mind.

GoEco BakeChef
GoEco BakeChef

Key features:

• Modern, substantial design brings a lot of character effortlessly making it a showpiece for any environment
• Extra-large air-washed flame-viewing windows for both the firebox and the oven
• Standard brushed-steel cooking top accommodates pans up to 28-32cm
• 82.5% efficiency, A+ for best in class performance
• Stainless-steel handle, trims, ashpan and all fixings for durability and long service
• Separate simple air control sliders to control the air wash and oven temperature
• Wood-burning only
• SIA Ecodesign 2022 and ClearSkies Level 5 compliance for future-proof peace of mind
• DEFRA exempt for smoke control areas as standard
• Compatible with off-grid living- capable of both heating and cooking
• Large oven accepts full size bakeware and ovenware item
• Convector Stove Technology
• Optional Flue Heatshield or Firebox Heatshield accessories allow you to customise your stove.

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